My 100 happy things

  1. my family
  2. my friends
  3. music
  4. baking for and with my family.
  5. my senses and the ability to “keep on” even when logic says I should lay down and quit…
  6. my wonderful dog, Tojan: now deceased. and the Lovely Ellis, his father that we were blessed to own also.
  7. my(almost, but not there yet)cat, Trassel. Sorry, we had to help her along to that big catnip pile in the sky.
  8. creativity
  9. getting mail
  10. learning a new crafts
  11. knowing someone reads my blog (who are you 45, 000 people?)
  12. My bff since 9th grade, Tate…she and I are like oil and water, that is why we get along so well…
  13. jag kan tala svenska lite bättre
  14. Having worked in aviation management in several different positions, I am the LAST person to be late for anything…
  15. my collections of “stuff”
  16. a great fynd at the loppis ( swedish flea market)
  17. warm bacon on my salad
  18. a new CHLOe Paddington bag. My fav niece talked me out of it for a belated birthday present…
  19. a package from the swap group
  20. my morning coffee at when it is still dark outside and every one is asleep.
  21. no facial blemishes at my age… 🙂
  22. my scrapbooks and scrapping
  23. finding new songs for my Ipod
  24. free flowers and plants
  25. my new Caran d’Ache watercolor crayons and those lovely set of a hundred and something Prima colored pencils.
  26. that I can still call my mom and ask for advice  That I chose to journal the words of wisdom she imparted to me and they will live through my kids...My wonderful mom passed away September 10,2009.  Four days after my Mother in law.  My Stepfather and Saturday music partner in crime,( we played Name that tune long distance for 8 years) succumbed only 7 months later.    This has literally been the worse year of my life.
  27. having my teenagers learn that Mom can get on their nerves, too!
  28. the almost 24hour daylight in the summer
  29. buying books at the book sale  and forgetting about them: then re discovering them when you are desperate !
  30. seeing my hubs suit up in his black leather and ride his motorcycle
  31. having rap and heavy metal on my Ipod with out sharing with my kids!
  32. knitting
  33. surfing the internet
  34. wishing I had a pastrami on rye with mustard and extra pickles from the Carnagie Deli in New York
  35. riding my bike
  36. the color purple
  37. that my husband is a great cook
  38. Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy and  any good action movie.
  39. my 12 x 12 scrapbook paper collection
  40. teaching my sons to crochet
  41. purple ink pens
  42. roses
  43. great blog sites like Ilbloggo, Posy and One good bumblebee
  44. learning how to burn my own cd’s
  45. watching the look of surprise on my kids faces when they ask ” how do you know THAT”!
  46. hello kitty items… Did I mention Robin Thicke?
  47. swapping vintage emphemera on Flickr
  48. our Ozz Franca prints
  49. flowers, fresh ones…not seen as a luxury, here but a necessity.
  50. learning to crochet and knit,too!
  51. A glass of red wine (or two…)
  52. my cell phone: first one in 4 years a RAZr  Anew semi BlackBerry.  Lovely PINK!
  53. getting long distance phone calls
  54. CARE packages from friends
  55. discovering Gesso
  56. Cloth Paper Scissors magazine
  57. the group hugs my kids do ( teen boys are embarrassed to hug one on one..)
  58. Bob James’ music and all other lite jazz, something my friend Sherry calls GROWN FOLKS’s MUSIC; LOL!
  59. using ribbons in scrapbooking
  60. my husband and his sense of humor
  61. all of my cyber friends and acquaintances
  62. 300 count sheets direct from the cedar chest
  63. Ray Ban sunglasses
  64. finding something I don’t need at the flea market
  65. scented candles
  66. the early darkness in the winter
  67. finishing all of the laundry for the moment
  68. Bridget Jones’ Diary
  69. flying first class
  70. my friends for life: Denise and Michelle back in America
  71. a cup of hot chocolate with the kids while we play Yatzee
  72. pecans for chocolate chip cookies
  73. getting a swap of ephemera supplies
  74. My AWC membership
  75. having my own creative space to work and play
  76. watching my son build his own bicycle and saving the money for parts.
  77. Robin Thicke (sigh) 🙂
  78. being able to visit home and family once or twice a year
  79. Country Roads sung by John Denver  (the únofficial second school song of WVU! LET’S GO MOUNTAINEERS!)
  80. Random acts of kindness…those given and received.
  81. Discovering altered art and the fantastic people that have encouraged me to try it.
  82. All of the FANtastic people I have met blogging that have touched my life and that of my family.
  83. My button collection which serves no purpose, but to look good.
  84. Teaching my kids to bake.
  85. My Sister, Steph: who reels me in from my selfish side and makes me look ” on the bright side of life”
  86. Ebay and the thousands of international sellers
  87. Etsy and all of the great finds I have made, like Sherry, Magpie Mary and Sharon
  88. Surviving in Tough Economic Times
  89. Watching my kids grow up and knowing that the end is near…they WILL be flying the nest, LOL!UPDATE: One down one to go!!!
  90. Deciding to use up all my stash of  paper, cardstock, ribbons, and general stuff so I can invest in new things.
  91. My second left knee replacement and hoping that it will finally work this time…(thankful for socialized health care that paid for both of them.
  92. Swedish Radio… SR.SE-Metropol…they rock it out 24/7 on the real!
  93. Learning how to do youtube and or ustreams and how much you can learn on the internet! (Thank you Al Gore :))
  94. My NIECES  who have discovered their crafty side! WOOHOO!!!!!! We are dead on HGTV!
  95. discovering facebook…I am an addict…it is Anna’s fault…damn you, Anna, you knew I was resisting the force!!! you got me hooked!   Leaving Facebook alone and rediscovering my art.
  96. The twins are 18, which means, that legally, they are “grown” here in Sweden.  But in MY house, Grown means that you have a source of income, take care of YOURself, pay your bills and become a contributor, NOT a consumer…oh, wait….you don’t have a JOB???  GUESS YOU ARE NOT GROWN!!!  You cannot be the “man” in the man’s house, lol!!!
  97. I no longer need trophies of success to make me happy… No more Longaberger,  Lladro, or Louie V…It is canvas and recycled for me.
  98. if you ain’t learned it by now the lessons are damn near over…
  99. that I am still on the right side of the grass and determined to be here as long as God, Allah, Buddha; Yahweh, Jehovah…will give me strength and guidance (and still able to learn life’s lessons)

13 responses to “My 100 happy things

  1. groda

    Hi girl, tanks fore being a freind….. It´s making me so glad to knowing you.

  2. Number 75: Jeanette’s friendship and artistic talent!

  3. Thank you for working so hard to be a happy person. We need more people like you who are willing to be happy at all costs in the world.Your list makes me wanna sing . . .

  4. I think I’m going to make a list of my 100 happy things. I sure hope I have as many as you! (smiles)

  5. What? What happened to the last 15? It only went to 85……so disappointing! I think I’ll try to figure out 100 things I love……or 100 things I hate. Maybe that would be easier. You’re a funny girl….I like you!

  6. A girl needs ambition, Pat…

  7. Thanks for steping by, love your lay-out…… how did you do the banner?

  8. I just read your 100 things again….they are even more interesting as I get to know you better. You are a very generous, thoughtful gal…..I don’t just “like” you….I “love” you. You’re the real deal. I mean that…….

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  10. OOooh, I love your happy things! I love so many of the things you do – I must have read Bridget Jones five times in a row!

  11. i love your 100 things list. i need one of these. i’m not as creative 😉

  12. What a great list. I had to laugh at the mother-in-law part, guess why! Love Robin Thicke. He is a standard on my ipod. You sound like you really love your family and that makes me smile. I will have to think about mine. I probably have more than 100 and some of them are x-rated. lol and blushing.

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