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Time to play

When we see children being carefree and doing something fun we call it play.  But when adults are doing something other than being at their job, we don’t consider that play.   We try to assign some serious title to the task which inhibits the fun of it.  Now that I have dusted off my toys and decided to rejoin the land of the creative, I thought I would share a few goodies I picked up along the way…These are boxes that came from a factory in Paris. I LOVED the labels on them and told Jeanette we needed to have them, just for the labels. They were 20 kronor each ( almost$3.00) but LOOK what was in themThe lace trimmed cotton towels were 5 for the same price…They were a light ivory, but a little coffee and VOILA!!! I could see these little vials attached to some artwork and they came in several colors…so much for just copying the label… I tried to locate the manufacturer, but my French is not so good, lol!Thanks so much to Billie of Billie’s Craft Room and the wonderful( close in birthday but far away in geographical distance, but provider of GROWN FOLKS MUSIC TO ART BY!)  Sherry of GOT ART? for their time and patience in helping me learn about Golden products and offering lots of suggestions on what to do with what!

My birthday wish was for an OTT LIGHT, but unfortunately, I have still not located a distributor here in Sweden!


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