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Off to Brazil Postcard challenge 2012

ImageSeveral weeks have passed and he thought he would not hear from her again. No card, no calls.  Danny had a gig that evening and was remiss to wait any longer. ” I’m out” he said to no one in general.  Waiting at the front door of the small apartment was his dog, Friend. “Ah’ MAN!  Not you TOO?”  The dog cocked his shaggy head to one side as if to say, “hey, don’t ask me, I was ready hours ago”.  Danny grabbed the leash, coupled up the giant dustmop and started for the foyer.  Just then, the phone rang.  Urgently and steadily it blared until he counted to four and the machine picked up.  He continued out of the door to take Friend for a quick walk before it was time to get his equipment together. Banging down the brick steps, Danny launched into a quick trot anxious to get Friend off of the blazing concrete and on to a grassy patch on which to handle his business.  Danny began to make a mental list of songs and mixes.   Songs to get the crowd on its feet and mixes to make them sweat.  As Friend moved anxiously around the grassy area, Danny let his mind wander back to his flat…to the ringing phone he ignored.  Why did he avoid it?



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