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Some things were in need of fixin ’round here.

Early in March, while working on a birthday card for a daughter’s friend, I discovered a Scrabble tile was lodged in my printer. I shook, dug, cursed, pleaded and even tried vacuuming it out…to no avail. Finally, desperate, I called for back up. The Hubbs then proceeded to stick his beefy hands inside the roller and I heard the unforgiving crack of plastic and I yelled ” nevermind”  I truly hate giving up.  It took me 2 days to sort through thousands of links for schematics. I even bought what I thought was a manual for service and got ripped off for $3.00.   I figured it was a toss up. I could try and dismantle it myself and tear it up, or I could take it to a shop, they would rip me off and I would end up buying a new all-in-one WHICH I could not afford, or want.

Armed with a diagrammed layout for “SERVICE PROFESSIONALS” I began taking it apart.  I was intimidated, to say the least, but I had nothing to lose except the Big Bite, daubbers and new Fiskars cutter I was salivating over.  Armed with only my tools (pretty flowered ones, lol)  I had at it.  At one time, the non-handy Hubbs came in and said something encouraging that cannot be repeated here. 🙂 after 2 hours, and about 20 photographs, I HAD MY MAN!!! THE LETTER “J” (funny, the kids name had no J in it, so duh?)

Sweating profusely, I asked my husband to start dinner, as I need to finish putting Greta back together. I was on a mission and could not be distracted by something as petty as dinner. ( did I mention he was NOT a happy camper, oh well…).

I started backtracking through the photos, replacing screws, plastic bits and wires until I thought I was finished…well, I had one small screw left and a clear plastic thingy that goes over the paper slot in the back when you are not using it..(deemed unnecessary by me if it worked!).

I plugged Large Marge in. She booted up, I loaded paper, and found something to test print  and VOILA!!! I was on FIRE!!!!! I was ecstatic that I, one who is afraid of electricity: unplugs appliances that are not being used; user of kill switches on plug strips, etc.  I had gone where no man had gone before (in our house, atleast) and FIXED SOMETHING ON MY OWN!!!  I was THE MAN!  THE BIG CHEESE, THE BIG KAHUNA, EL JEFE GRANDE!!! and I basked in my own glory, as only I could ( bwahahah!)!

Not to be out done, The Hubbs then tries his hand at the DVD player which had gone on the kaput just as the 1 year warranty went on it.  He not only managed to fix it, but fixed the feeds on the DVR/satellite now we can watch, program and record different things simultaneously…( I was impressed, but gave credit to my inspiring performance with the printer mission! ) 😉

Now. I was feeling my Cheerios.

I was ready for the big league.  The “office” was literally mine, but the Hubbs’ unused desk was still here, taking up valuable real estate by the coveted window. I wanted that space and that window. My big girl panties were washed and dried from the previous mission.  I rearmed myself and started tossing stuff.  I had no help, except for the trickerheading of number one son to “help”with the connecting of the computer. The picture is not clear, but you see the magnitude of the job.  IT took me a month to sort, separate and move all of the shelving around.  I printed box and bin labels out with MS word pad and taped them on their respective boxes and shelves, so I know where to find everything.  the only loss was the space for my home made hang it up.  Need to remove some artwork, then remount.  So, now you know why I have not been creating anything except a mess.  Feels so good to be settled. 


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50,000 Visitors Can’t be wrong! GiveAWAY!

(Either that, or they came here looking for the product from the movie Coming to America, lol!  Either way, I’m flattered, pleased, happy and surprised so that means a GIVEAWAY!!!  No, not Jason Momoa but he will be drawing the winning number on on January 17th 2010!  ( ok, I’m so lying, but god, isn’t he hot!? *fans self*)  Leave a comment, that’s it…no begging, no pleading no forwarding your great uncles passport or monocle.   You will have your choice of original art or an art goodie! either way, its free, right? A’aIGHT!?


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25,000 visitors! WOAH!!! GIVEAWAY!!!!!

ΔΣΘ ♥ spoken here!  Any sorors lurking?

Anyway in honor of my wonderful friends and the amazing amount of people that stop by, I would like to offer a GIVEAWAY!  You can choose an Altered Art packet or a Scrapbooking packet!  I am so happy to have met so many wonderful people on the web.

NOTE: it is ok to lurk, but remember in the words of the Wynans  ‘ He who is a friend, must first show himself friendly” ( I know that quote is probably a biblical verse, so sue me…Teddy Riley was on it… 🙂

This kind of contact would not have been possible had I not met my friend, Jeanette who introduced me to the world of Vintage goodies, flea markets and making something out of nothing!  I cannot pass by an old book, a bag of junk jewelery or an old photo without thinking of the altering potential.  I am grateful to have met such “enablers” that occupy my blog roll, and I receive far more from any of you than you from me…:) ! I started blogging in March of 2006 and have had a blast!

Please leave your name and a link, (no schmoozing or sucking up warranted) and I will have my crumb snatchers draw a name or a number and TA-DA!

Leave your info by Saturday, 17th Augusti and I will post the winner on Sunday at 12:pm afternoon, before lunch…e:am eastern standard time, lol!!

Have a great weekend and no, these are not old, outdated kits, nor did they come from the “granny shop” , Greta!  rotflol!

unused kits...collecting dust! but with lots of goodies inside!

unused kits...collecting dust! but with lots of goodies inside!

vintage glass images

Vintage glass images rec. in a PIF / RAK from the wonderful PAM CARRIKER! Hoarded AND loved EVERYday by moi 🙂


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Busy, busy …doing nothing :)

This is my last week of vacation from the job, but The Hubbs wants me to work for him and I am reluctant…I am arting up a storm, cleaning and organizing my supplies and basically trying to bring some law and order to the wild wild west that prevails in my half of “The Office” ( I’m really lying, I have 75% of the room but THE HUBBS has a laptop that he is not sharing, so that makes us equal.  The previous mess is described on my flickr feed as rearranging deck chairs on my Titanic  I am sure it is below.  There is a challenge on Scrap your Crap and this weeks challenge was to use beads on your layout…This is my entry…based on a photo that has been on my mind for some time

Side eye at an early age...

Side eye at an early age...

Maya had this uncanny ability to reflect her emotions like an adult.  My great uncle Charles had just said to The Hubbs ” who is this pretty girl here?” when Maya went into diva mode…The Hubbs was trying to “talk her down” but Maya was having NONE of that and refused to hug Uncle for his 96th birthday… The layout is called ” Side eye for the Great Uncle Guy“…He has since passed on, but this photo lives forevah!, LOL!!!

Then there is the challenge with Nancy Baumiller at Something to Crow about.  She has started a group for mixed media artists on Flickr.  There is a weekly challenge where she posts pictures of items and you interpret them into what ever is your style…here is my contribution…don’t laugh…I live in the third world and Zetti is foreign to all but me and Ihanna, LOL!

it is what it is...

it is what it is...

…look at this loveliness…

I knew as soon as I saw the mail lady’s face who it was from!  Yes, I spared the envelope…I am a lover of mail art and I admire the  creative way that people make their statements by arting up the mail..sigh…look at this!  go on, click it bigger!

Inside, were these lovlies… a print that I had ordered from Sharon’s Etsy shop.  I had admired this lady for a long time and I have finally decided that she needed to come to Sweden for a

a surprise guest!

a surprise guest!

visit…I was so happy and surprised!  Sharon hosted a napkin swap…you send 5 you receive 5 in return. There are some music and old text pages, too…I thought I had a photo… This was sooo worth waiting for…

Napkins for collage...(read for my stash!)

Napkins for collage...(read for my stash!)


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