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Merry Christmas, God Jul, Happy_____,

The cards are not finished.  Putting those babies away in anticipation of next year, lol

The food is not cooked yet, I did take out the butter so er, I am going in the right direction.

 The Family is asleep.  I have had my second cup of coffee.  Feeling a little soapy right now…wishing I was near to family and friends.  We may not have what we want, but we have what we need.

Grateful for my new blogging and streaming friends!  Helps a lot to share laughs, art and general “skitsnack” with each other. 🙂  THAT in and of its self is better than any present I could receive.


Do your best.

 Believe in something, or you will fall for anything.  Always take care of children; those that may be of an elderly/ infirm nature and the handicapped.  …everyone else can fend.




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