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Channeling creativity or at least trying to.

I watch so many people create things, that I often don’t have time to do my own things.  While I love learning new things, I am afraid my skills will not get any better unless I try and fail a few times on my own.

Sarah over at the Handmade Card Blog does the most fabulous little cards and die cut decorations.  I blatantly made an effort to channel her style and here is my effort, lol: She has the most wonderful flower collection and I was so psyched to try and FINALLY use some of mine, I forgot to put the matting behind the music :p .

Kathy at Paper Phenomenon has an awesome stream where she constructs projects out of the kits she sells.  You can purchase the kits through the subscription or the tutorials to DIY.  I am SO getting this tutorial.  I love this book and cannot wait to construct it by her directions!  My version:The inside is a secret. Christmas cards are on the desk, computer table and foot stool… When will I learn not to wait until the last minute.  I believe it is Gin-O’ Clock,. but alas, we are bone dry.  Forgot to go to the Systembologet*.  Here in Sweden, if you don’t plan to drink, you sure won’t have one, lol.

* State Store, Liquor store, Gin Mill, Oil store, Off Licence…you get the idea 😉



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