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Works in Progress

Lots of blog surfing going on. I have discovered so many different artists and scrapbookers too numerous to mention, but I have added their blogs to my links…Unlike most people, my links are my list of where I can find creativity, not necessarily the most popular places on the web.  I know that I am missing out on the big names, but that is not my meaning.  Everyone knows who they are and what they do…I am more interested in the journey of how they got there, so I connect with the people who’s works are still works in progress.

DSC01593DSC01587DSC01588I have a problem with wrinkles…I place the medium on the stronger surface and use a squeege and a rubber roller and I STILL get wrinkles…I have used liquid medium, Mod Pog, YES, glue stick (least amount of wrinkles but not so permanent holding…) all to no avail…Can someone help me?!!!DSC01591The corners are folded, so that explaines that crease but all of the others are not intentional 😦


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And the WINNER (s)IS (ARE)!..

OK… Here are the “wieners”


Then I realized that I was being snål ( cheap) so I decided to offer a second!


Emails are on the way and thank you to everyone for making me so happy and sharing your worlds with me!




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