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Works in progress

I have so many things in the works, sometimes they get relegated to a “later”box or a”see-you-later” trash bin.  Somethings I managed to start, but not quite sure where to go with. These Tim Holtz boxes were not the best purchase for me because I like my things in containers or canning jars on the shelves.

I tried to put a little decoration on them, here is the second.The paper is Basic Grey  Urban Couture and  Motifica,the trim is SweetPea Jack collection: Carmella Sky.








The  gear image (and the others you cannot see) are are by Debrina Pratt who has them for sale on Etsy. If nothing else since beginning my training in mixed media, it was to learn and document who my products are by/from. Since they are only for personal usage, I just tossed the packaging..then came the questions: “who’s stamp/paper/image/sprays/ brushes are those”?Sorry about the photo staging. I have only one window and the lighting is not so great because of the weather. This is a jar and stopper that I bought from the flea market ions ago. Painted it with regular white glue then applied crackle glaze that I bought from Panduro Hobby Love the crackle effect and now to find a suitable color. I saw the idea at Kristen’s blog. Her link is in the sidebar.

There was a challenge to modify a can of your choice,but I was not able to water proof the fabric which meant mold after it got wet, so I removed the hanging chains, replaced the bottom in the #10 can and it became a brush holder.  Another recycle project in use.

Last, but not least. …need suggestions on sorting paper. This is how I store the 12×12 and the bottom left has a box with 6×6 and 8×8 pads.  Any tips would be appreciated!  Have a great and creative week. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

Any ideas for sorting paper? Started with colors and types, but too confusing.


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Stuff I have made a mess (of) and otherwise still organizing

Chaos is just a part of my world.

Everything is subject to change at a moments notice, which is why I write in pencil and make lists.  I am fickle.

The lists are pasted into my journal.  Doodads and photos I find that I thought were lost.  Grocery receipts, tea bag names I want to remember,

wish lists and dates that my tulips opened.  It is not pretty. It is not full of beauty or colors.  I don’t know if it is acid free or if I fastened it with a tiny tacker

or a Swingline.

* Stuff to remember to do: is right next to the  splat of apricot marmalade that I was enjoying while waiting for the kettle to boil.

I asked for sand delivery on Thursday, not Friday. I KNOW because we were supposed to have a “every man for himself” dinner which includes leftovers,

sandwiches and or a one pot side dish; but because the community clean up was on Saturday, I did not want the family to overdose on sodium filled hotdogs that they

serve after the cleanup is finished. I paid too much for my watercolor pencils, wished for Prisma’s I never use and have not drawn one of Dar’s Girls

* There is a note to ask The Hubbs what do Swedes use for moth balls.  I have not seen any moth balls since I have been here. (no need to share his obnoxious

reasons about why Swedes don’t have time or inclination to castrate little moths 😛 ). There is note to reread about the beautiful notebooks IHanna made.  I  made a note

of the date so I could go back and study it and also because I have now added pink, turquoise and brown to my favorite colors.  Sweden has that kind of effect on you.

While you know  what is going on, available and rushing past you in the speed of life, you can turn it off.  I can sit on my deck at 4:00 am with a cup of coffee and read

in the daylight. I may see a fox or a deer go by.  I can kick myself for leaving my career for a chance on the unknown that did not pay off almost 10 years ago.  OR

I can live this life I have right now.  With acid and lignin. Without more doodads.   Without fear.   But with love and determination.

I press on.

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