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Post card challenge 2001

The fun has begun and we are making our characters and cards for the first destination :AUSTRIA.

Darcy @ Art and Sole is helping us to put together our own sagas of two people who correspond via postcard and or letter.  They may or may have not met previously. They may or may not be known to each other…that is the fun of it!  It is based on the works of   Nick Bantock, author of the Griffin and Sabine series.  We create our own characters and pretty much run the same course.  There is lots of support from the other members of the group and the artwork is fabulous to say the least.  Since I cannot draw, I am pretty much relying on the collage aspects of doing my cards.  Please stop by Darcy’s and or any of the other participants.  It is such a fun experience! Here is my first card, tribute to Austria:  My main man, Freud, music,Germanic language and a map..I had to throw the Alps in.


I’m a bit over committed with courses this year, but idle hands and all that…


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