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The Altered Bag…continues En projekt fortsätta…

I have fallen off in my card making and decided to try and rebuild my stash so that I do not feel so pressured when someone’s birthday, anniversary etc sneaks up on me.

Bashing the stash of scraps

Bashing the stash of scraps

I stumbled on some amazing Swedish scrappers and card makers and love the little differences in everyone’s projects. Jag har hittade flera Svenska scrapbooker och kort proffs och jag älskar hur dem ser olika…inte  så lika verandra. Using some bits of cardstock and patterned paper pieces left from scrap projects…  The second card is framed with German Glitter glass purchased from The Shabby Cottage Studio.  Jag använt  Tysk glas jag köpt från The Shabby Cottage Studio.dsc01410

Välkomen till all nya Svensk artister!  Jag Är dålig att Svenska, men jag ska försöka att översätt till jag hitta en google tool! (Welcome to all of my new Swedish Artists!  I am terrible at Swedish, but I will try and translate until I find a Google toobar!

Here is round one of  THE ALTERED BAGdsc01414I feel compelled to glaze it but cannot decide on a  colored patina or  clear gloss.

dsc01413My Bon Voyage lable would not lie flat…that requires a more intense surgical proceedure.. 🙂

I ordered a set of dental instruments off of Ebay and they are the BEST for poking and prodding small places!  Kind of a poetic justice for all of years of torture I endured in the chair…muahahahahahah!



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