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Take your time…all the time.

This morning, my sister wanted me to ride with her to pick up a rental car. I get to ride around in the tiny mobile
(aka: her Sentra), because she rented an SUV to chauffer my niece for the big Senior PROM date. Now
I normally have access to a ride, but not a vehicle of my own…I am pumped up to say the least!

On our way to the rental agency, we pass the following:
Someone's at the door

I hope no one was injured. The police were on the way, as were the emergency vehicles. Talk about a bad start to a day.

On the other hand. I have a dilema. I have these cool boxes, that I just cannot toss out…
They are saying storage, but, what to do?

Any ideas? Suggestions? Recommendations? (Besides toss ’em out!?)


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