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We have a winner!

and the winner is BECCA at http://artbeckons.blogspot.com/.

First runner up, RICE CRISPIES!!!  Sorry it took so long, I was obsessed with a piece of art and struggling to finish it, (which it still is not…)

It is snowing today and although it is only about a centimeter in accumulation, it makes all of the nasty snow look nice.



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25,000 visitors! WOAH!!! GIVEAWAY!!!!!

ΔΣΘ ♥ spoken here!  Any sorors lurking?

Anyway in honor of my wonderful friends and the amazing amount of people that stop by, I would like to offer a GIVEAWAY!  You can choose an Altered Art packet or a Scrapbooking packet!  I am so happy to have met so many wonderful people on the web.

NOTE: it is ok to lurk, but remember in the words of the Wynans  ‘ He who is a friend, must first show himself friendly” ( I know that quote is probably a biblical verse, so sue me…Teddy Riley was on it… 🙂

This kind of contact would not have been possible had I not met my friend, Jeanette who introduced me to the world of Vintage goodies, flea markets and making something out of nothing!  I cannot pass by an old book, a bag of junk jewelery or an old photo without thinking of the altering potential.  I am grateful to have met such “enablers” that occupy my blog roll, and I receive far more from any of you than you from me…:) ! I started blogging in March of 2006 and have had a blast!

Please leave your name and a link, (no schmoozing or sucking up warranted) and I will have my crumb snatchers draw a name or a number and TA-DA!

Leave your info by Saturday, 17th Augusti and I will post the winner on Sunday at 12:pm afternoon, before lunch…e:am eastern standard time, lol!!

Have a great weekend and no, these are not old, outdated kits, nor did they come from the “granny shop” , Greta!  rotflol!

unused kits...collecting dust! but with lots of goodies inside!

unused kits...collecting dust! but with lots of goodies inside!

vintage glass images

Vintage glass images rec. in a PIF / RAK from the wonderful PAM CARRIKER! Hoarded AND loved EVERYday by moi 🙂


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Look at this…

I found the most wonderful laser cut wood goodies on Etsy.  The shop belongs to Porkchop Scottie Treasure (www.porkchopshop.com) and there are the BEST laser cut items for use in collaging and or mixed media work.   He has store on ETSY that Sherry used and I  clandestinely followed the link..  I don’t know who led me to the shop, but this is the most fun I have had shopping in a long time!

Look at these pretties!  The typewriter keys are fantastic, but the skeleton keys are the bomb!  They come in paper AND wood.  I have several  more things on order but check the site out if you are looking for eclectic things that add the right touch of allure AND the “aroma of euphoria!



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