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It never gets old…:)

Just when I was ready to start my layout for the challenge at Sharon’s, I decided to check my email box.  My mom is in a rehabilitation facility and I am concerned about the duration of her anticipated stay and decided to book a ticket home.  I got a better rate than I expected and went to get my confirmation information when THIS little gem popped up…:)

I am Mr.Simon Wong,credit officer of

Dah Sing Bank Ltd. i have a business

proposal.its about a business man who

made a fixed deposit in my bank

(DAH SING BANK). i want you to stand

as the next of kin to him because he

died in a bomb blast and did not

declare any next of kin. if you are

interested, please get back to me so

we receive his funds before the

government confisticate his account.

please i am a very serious man and i

mean it. please reply with your

details if interested below




Simon Wong (simon-wong32@hotmail.com)


Mr.Simon Wong

Anyone want to fill in?   I mean with getting ready to travel in a month or so , doesn’t leave me with time for a side trip to China nor spell check…

And who said April first was a day for fools?


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