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25,000 visitors! WOAH!!! GIVEAWAY!!!!!

ΔΣΘ ♥ spoken here!  Any sorors lurking?

Anyway in honor of my wonderful friends and the amazing amount of people that stop by, I would like to offer a GIVEAWAY!  You can choose an Altered Art packet or a Scrapbooking packet!  I am so happy to have met so many wonderful people on the web.

NOTE: it is ok to lurk, but remember in the words of the Wynans  ‘ He who is a friend, must first show himself friendly” ( I know that quote is probably a biblical verse, so sue me…Teddy Riley was on it… 🙂

This kind of contact would not have been possible had I not met my friend, Jeanette who introduced me to the world of Vintage goodies, flea markets and making something out of nothing!  I cannot pass by an old book, a bag of junk jewelery or an old photo without thinking of the altering potential.  I am grateful to have met such “enablers” that occupy my blog roll, and I receive far more from any of you than you from me…:) ! I started blogging in March of 2006 and have had a blast!

Please leave your name and a link, (no schmoozing or sucking up warranted) and I will have my crumb snatchers draw a name or a number and TA-DA!

Leave your info by Saturday, 17th Augusti and I will post the winner on Sunday at 12:pm afternoon, before lunch…e:am eastern standard time, lol!!

Have a great weekend and no, these are not old, outdated kits, nor did they come from the “granny shop” , Greta!  rotflol!

unused kits...collecting dust! but with lots of goodies inside!

unused kits...collecting dust! but with lots of goodies inside!

vintage glass images

Vintage glass images rec. in a PIF / RAK from the wonderful PAM CARRIKER! Hoarded AND loved EVERYday by moi 🙂


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