How to get started with a journal!

For those of you that cannot understand what the hype is about…This lovely Jersey Girl explaines for you…I loved this!
I miss people that “tawk like we doo” I linked from Lia’s ( Art Junk Girl) who linked from Inspire Me Thursday! Have fun and get arty!



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9 responses to “How to get started with a journal!

  1. She’s great, I’ve been following her, and I love how she’s both sweet and crazy, and finally someone else who hugs her journal and loves that it has all types of things hanging from it! 🙂

  2. thanks for sharing the link! have kept journals since i was 12 but never on a regular basis…. but Blu is truly inspiring! “no more excuses!!! just got on with it!” 🙂

  3. I am addicted to watching these. It’s crazy inspiring.

  4. OOOh I have not seen these vid’s yet. Gotta check them out! Thanks for sharing.

  5. These are wonderful and she is so sweet. Looks like Cher, doesn’t she? Lots of talent, too.

  6. Her videos are wonderful! She makes it look so easy and freeing. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. Here’s some answers to your questions. For binding the cardstock journal, I’ll probably take it to Kinko’s and have it spiral bound … just need to decide if I’m going to have it bound after the backgrounds are done and before the journaling, or wait until they’re completely done, then bound. As for preparing backgrounds, I usually do a handful at a time … I’ll pick a technique and just do a bunch of different color combinations of that technique. For instance, on the cardstock journal, first I chose to play with the credit card scraping technique … just did one page after another, trying different colors together, until I ran out of room for letting them dry. Then a couple days later, I played with my watercolor crayons, again experiementing with different colors together. At this point it’s just playtime … and I know that if one of the backgrounds doesn’t turn out well (at least to me), it can be covered up with collage and such later. Actually, I’ve found that the backgrounds I hate usually end up becoming some of my favorite pages LOL! HTH!

  7. I thought she looked like Cher also!
    I am sure everyone tells her that! Thanks for the help Jennifer!

  8. You are FABULOUS!!! My daughter – who lives in PA – I live in MD – are working on our first altered book and are really having a GREAT TIME!! BUT I must admit I am a little intimidated…WHY…Because I have been saying FOR YEARS AND YEARS…”I CAN’T DRAW ANYTHING!!” Your video really gave me COURAGE…heck all I wanted to draw today was a tree!! I’m gonna draw that darn tree!!! You are so cute…I can’t wait until my daughter sees your two videos…MAKE MORE!!! ;=)

  9. Theresa: I am sending you an email and forwarding your comments to Suzy!

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